Apology Of Dorian Gray

As I’m standing in front of a scratched picture,
I notice how much has changed the familiar face.
Is he really me this monstrous evil creature,
who’s upsetting my guts with his frozen gaze?

His whole corpse is marked with my scars and sins,
He’s not the innocent and pure man I used to be,
Now his feline eyes are stabbing me like poison pins,
But under his terrible look I barely recognize me

It was a night when Devil came just to kiss my lips,
and then offered me such a tempting propose.
Oh! my poor little soul has became a grim beast,
hidden into a body beautiful as a spring’s rose.

God condemned me with the most horrible way,
to redeem my obsessive vanity forevermore.
Then I chose to cross beauty’s wicked pathway,
and Devil inside the portrait sucks upon my soul…


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